SpeakersSOLIXEmpower 2023

  • Anthony A. Fisher

    Anthony A. Fisher
    Head of Data Management & Analytics
    Department of Revenue, State of Colorado

  • Anand Kamat

    Anand Kamat
    Managing Partner
    Brane Enterprises

  • Barry Rudolph

    Barry Rudolph
    Former VP

  • Christopher Marcolis

    Christopher Marcolis
    Head Of Strategy

  • Colin Cecil

    Colin Cecil
    Director Retirement and Archiving Center of Excellence

  • Dr. Constancio Nakuma

    Dr. Constancio Nakuma
    Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
    University of Colorado Denver

  • Devin Fidler

    Devin Fidler

  • Himanshu Parikh

    Himanshu Parikh
    CIO Advisor, Roland Berger
    (Former CIO Foot Locker)

  • Jack Ottman

    Jack Ottman

  • Jim Lee

    Jim Lee
    VP Data Services
    Solix Technologies, Inc.

  • John Ottman

    John Ottman
    Executive Chairman
    Solix Technologies, Inc.

  • Julie Tracy Lockwood

    Julie Tracy Lockwood
    Associate Partner

  • Kalyan Manyam

    Kalyan Manyam
    Vice President, Product Marketing
    Solix Technologies, Inc.

  • Kishore Gadiraju

    Kishore Gadiraju
    Vice President, Engineering
    Solix Technologies, Inc.

  • Manuel Serapio

    Manuel Serapio
    Faculty Director, IIB-CIBER and Associate Professor, Business School,
    University of Colorado Denver

  • Mark Lee

    Mark Lee
    SVP - Services
    Solix Technologies, Inc.

  • Mark Skiba

    Mark Skiba
    Divisional Assistant VP
    Great American Insurance

  • Nadia Rosseels

    Nadia Rosseels
    DPI Specialty Foods

  • Nikhil Venkatesh

    Nikhil Venkatesh
    Co-Founder Blockspan

  • Paul Garstang

    Paul Garstang
    EU Sales Director
    Solix Technologies, Inc.

  • Phil Neff

    Phil Neff
    Manager Data Compliance Program
    JB Hunt

  • Rajinder Kumar

    Rajinder Kumar
    Senior Solution Architect

  • Robin Bloor

    Robin Bloor
    Bloor Research

  • Russ Puryear

    Russ Puryear
    VP, Sales
    Solix Technologies, Inc.

  • Sai Gundavelli

    Sai Gundavelli
    Founder & CEO
    Solix Technologies, Inc.

  • Sandeep Dalal

    Sandeep Dalal
    Helen of Troy

  • Suresh Mani

    Suresh Mani
    AI product and Solution Consultant
    Independent Consultant

  • Tej Gundavelli

    Tej Gundavelli
    Founder & CEO
    Touch-A-Life Foundation

  • Veena Gundavelli

    Veena Gundavelli
    Founder & CEO
    Emagia Corporation

  • Vikram Kumar

    Vikram Kumar
    Multiplier AI

  • Vivek Kumar

    Vivek Kumar
    Director Analytics
    Alberta Health Services


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